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Speed up your Typing

On phones, tablets, and desktops, text input has been improved considerably with keyboard apps and auto-correction. To help enter repetitive text, you can use text expansion - not only in Microsoft Word with AutoCorrect, but also with apps that work across applications. My favorite is PhraseExpress. It saves you countless keystrokes by replacing abbreviations with commonly used phrases you define. I use it for closing lines (Thank you, best regards, ...), signatures, addresses, default e-mail responses and the like.

The Problem:

Typing takes too long - it takes forever to answer emails or fill forms.

The Solution:

Setup text expansion with PhraseExpress (free for non-commercial use). Instructions and a demo are available here. It works well to enter any type of repetitive text and to improve your coding efficiency.


Texter is an open source alternative to PhraseExpress. You can also try speech recognition software to facilitate text entry. You can find it integrated into your operating system or as stand alone software.
For other similar software you can always check alternativeto.net.


Text expansion with PhraseExpress can help you add repetitive text and avoid typos. 

Figure 1: Huiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

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