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Watch videos as fast as you like and speed up your media consumption

If you are into TED talks, video tutorials, or visual explanations on YouTube or the JoVE, there is a lot of content to go through - mostly at somebody else's pace.

The Problem:

You feel under-worked when you watch tutorials or instructional videos online, as the information density is too low.

The Solution: 

Speed up or delay the speed of online video clips to watch them at your pace with "Video speed controller". The app is Chrome only and available for download the Chrome webstore. With the default settings "D" increases speed and "S" decreases additional options are available (see online tutorial).
For YouTube the settings menu allows speeds up to 2x. The convenient shortcuts to increase or decrease speeds are ">" and "<", respectively.
If you are really impatient and need to go above 2x speed, there is this hack for you.


You can use VLC media player to increase or decrease playback speed as outlined in the VLC help. It does not only work for offline files, but you can also use the URL of your video and play it via Media -> Open Network Stream.


Life is too short to watch video tutorials at default speed. Use the Chome plugin "Video Speed Controller" or the VLC media player to watch content at your own pace.

Figure 1: Video at the speed of sight.

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