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Batch-update free software and apps

There is a ton of free software to help improve communication, security, and productivity. Our average lab-computer runs >10 utilities that fall in these categories. Unlike software packages such as Microsoft Office or the Adobe Creative Suite which maintain several pieces of software in parallel, freeware can cause issues with batch installation and automated updates.

The Problem:

Your IT manages software updates and installation at work, but at home you are on your own.

The Solution: 

Use Ninite for batch installation and updates as outlined below. On the Ninite website, select the free software you would like to have available, save the executable to install all apps in one session. To update each piece of software, click the "ninite.exe" again.
The update process can be automated with programs such as the Task Scheduler in Microsoft Windows.


We have used Ninite for now >5 years without a glitch. For other similar software you can always check alternativeto.net.


Install and maintain your free software of choice with Ninite.

Figure 1: Ninite installs and updates free software in batch.

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